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Swiss Parliament urged to lower motorway speed limit for HGVs to 70 km/h

The Swiss Parliament is considering a proposal to reduce the speed limit for HGVs on motorways and rural roads to 70 km/h in an effort to cut down carbon emissions and promote a shift towards greener transportation.

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The Swiss Parliament, known as the National Council, is set to vote on a proposal to lower the speed limits for HGVs on motorways and rural roads from 80 km/h to 70 km/h, reports German transport media. Previously, there had even been plans for speeds to be cut to 60 km/h.

Currently, the average speed of lorries on Swiss highways is around 90 km/h.

The environmental organization Alpeninitiative, which urges the introduction of the change, claims that lowering the speed limit for HGV would help reduce over 100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually and cut down the levels of exhaust fumes and particulate matter by 8 per cent.

Django Betschart, the director of Alpeninitiative, told DVZ that the proposal would be met with some resistance in the Parliament and that it could be challenging to secure a majority vote in favour of the reduced speed limit.

The voting on the proposals has yet to be scheduled, and it could take up to two years to reach a decision.