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Since the beginning of this month, the Dutch traffic police have a new tool in place to deal with drivers who use a mobile phone or other devices while driving. 

Since Tuesday, October 1, the police in the Netherlands have been using so-called smart cameras to capture and punish drivers using their mobile phones at the wheel. This way the traffic police wants to increase road safety in the country.

The Dutch solution uses artificial intelligence to determine whether a driver on the record uses a phone, tablet or navigation while driving. The device registers the driver and the vehicle registration number. In the next step, a police officer verifies the recording. If the driver of the car actually used e.g. a mobile phone, the officer reports the offence to the Central Judicial Agency, which issues a fine of €240 to the offender. 

For the time being, cameras are used by officers mainly in the central part of the country. 

In 2018, the Dutch traffic police, back then without camera support, caught around 80,000 drivers using their phones.

Photo: Wikimedia/ Politie Nederland CCA SA International 4.0


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