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The block check calendar for the first half of 2021 has already been established, reports to the Austrian media. A total of 19 dates are foreseen at which the heavy goods vehicles at the border at Kufstein Nord will be checked every hour in blocks of 250-300 vehicles. 

Block checks in Tyrol is one of the measures taken by the government there to reduce heavy traffic and improve the quality of life of local residents. Unfortunately, this is also a nightmare for truck drivers who wait in long queues because of the checks.

Meanwhile, the number of clearance checks is expected to increase again in 2021 compared to the previous year. In 2020, the Tyrol clearance calendar contains a total of 35 checks, and there are almost 50% more planned for the coming year. 

Block checks have become an essential emergency measure to ensure the security of movement and supply,” said Günther Platter, head of the Tyrol Government in an official announcement. 

“It is an absolute necessity as long as long-term cross-border solutions do not reduce transit traffic through Tyrol,” said Deputy Ingrid Felipe. 

Block checks in the first half of 2021

7 January (Thursday after the Three Kings’ Day),

8 February (Monday),

15 February (Monday),

22 February (Monday),

1 March (Monday),

8 March (Monday),

15 March (Monday),

10 May (Monday before the Ascension Day),

11 May (Tuesday before the Ascension Day),

12 May (Wednesday before the Ascension Day),

14 May (Friday after the Ascension Day),

21 May (Friday before Whitsun),

22 May (Saturday before Whitsun),

25 May (Tuesday after Whitsun),

26 May (Wednesday after Whitsun),

27 May (Thursday after Whitsun),

31 May (Monday before Corpus Christi),

1 June (Tuesday before Corpus Christi),

4 June (Friday after Corpus Christi).

Check out the days of block checks in 2020 HERE.

Bans for trucks

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