This Belgian carrier appreciates its truckers by gifting them Mercedeses

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This Belgian carrier appreciates its truckers by gifting them Mercedeses

Without drivers, transport companies have no chance to survive. The Belgian carrier is perfectly aware of this and decided to thank its employees for their daily work in an unusual way. The also hopes that a luxurious benefit will attract drivers to work for them.

The SCTR transport company based in Soheit-Tinlot, Belgium has a fleet of around 100 trucks and employs 100 drivers. Last Saturday, the carrier rewarded the truckers for their hard work by giving them A-class Mercedes Benz cars. That means 100 Mercedes altogether.

For this exceptional benefit, the company spends a total of 2.5 million euros in the next 5 years.

Above all, we want to thank our drivers for all the sacrifices and efforts they have made for the company. We need to motivate them, show them that we know how much they sacrifice for us,” – Crahay added.

In return, the employer requires employees to be accurate and comply with traffic regulations and safety regulations.

Denis-Pierre Crahay, the general manager of the company, hopes that such a salary supplement will attract new employees. The company is looking for 30 drivers at the moment.

„Currently, it is rare for a company to appreciate its drivers. It’s a great motivation, especially since our job is not just driving a truck. Not only loading and unloading but also knowledge of the law, etc. This is not an easy job – said Patrick Stroobant, a truck driver with 29 years of experience in the industry, who has been working at SCTR for 5 years.

Colette Crahay, who founded SCTR with her husband back in 1991 added: „We strive for excellence. The profession of the truck driver has evolved.

Previously, you had to transport goods from one point a another. All that was asked was that the goods arrive in the best condition. Today, the driver must be able to load and unload his truck, use several computer tools and respect the instruction of each customer”, she declares.

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