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This country started to appreciate truck drivers because of the pandemic

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The French transport organisation conducted a survey to see how the COVID-19 pandemic changed the perception of transport workers. The results are encouraging.

Road freight transport during the coronavirus pandemic played a strategic role in enabling France to continue its necessary activities during the economic freeze. This was confirmed by 97% of respondents to the survey commissioned by the French association of carriers FNTR.

According to the respondents, road transport played an extremely important role for both the health of citizens, enabling the supply of hospitals (95% of answers), and for consumption by supplying goods to shops (also 95% of answers). Also from the economic point of view, road transport workers proved to be key during the pandemic, ensuring eCommerce deliveries (this was appreciated by 81% of respondents).

As a result, 8 out of 10 French people (82% to be precise) believe that the image of the road transport sector has improved in recent months. Moreover, 80% of respondents believe that this sector should receive support from the government

In addition, three-quarters of those surveyed praised the sector for having been modernised and using new technologies and for having made progress in terms of punctuality and reliability.

Photo: Trans.INFO