This giant unloads the trailer itself. New machine straight from the USA

This giant unloads the trailer itself. New machine straight from the USA

Automated robot for unloading semi-trailers and containers is the latest solution presented by the American company Honeywell. The machine is designed for use in distribution centres.

The operation of the robot is very simple. The device drives into a semi-trailer or container. Using the so-called vision system, it can identify different shapes and sizes of parcels in order to gently pull them out of the stack. It does this by means of an arm equipped with a series of suction cups that adapt to the packaging. The conveyor under the robot arm can be used as a “bucket” for parcels so that the machine can pick them up faster from the trailer and unload them onto the conveyor belt.

Unlike other unloading solutions, the robot is designed to work in existing fleets to eliminate the need for costly configurations or modifications of semi-trailers and shipping containers.

Automatic equals safe

According to Honeywell, intelligent robotics will help customers improve workplace safety and reduce staffing gaps.

“For distribution centre workers, unloading packages is labour-intensive, physically demanding and injury-prone work. These factors lead to low employee satisfaction and high turnover,” said Matt Wicks, vice president of product development at Honeywell Intelligrated.

Using an automated machine significantly reduces the need for manual workers to operate the docks.


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