This is how you can avoid tyre damage and accidents during hot weather

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This is how you can avoid tyre damage and accidents during hot weather

The ADAC automobile club warns of the increasing risk of accidents caused by explosion or damage to tyres due to overheating. On extremely hot days the road surface temperature reaches 40 to 60 degrees Celsius. 

Summer is a difficult time for professional drivers, not only due to increased holiday traffic but also due to high temperatures. In addition to the increased stress and strain on the body in the summer, drivers also face an increased risk of tyre damage or even explosion due to overheating.

At temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius, a tyre may explode suddenly if the heat leads to a bulging of the surface, warns ADAC. Such a danger is mainly encountered on motorways built of concrete slabs. How to minimise the risk of a serious accident due to overheating of tyres in hot weather?

Check tyre pressure

Correct tyre pressure is of key importance here. The sun’s persistent radiation heats up the road surface to 60 degrees Celsius, resulting in softer tyres and faster wear. If the air pressure is not correct, tyres overheat, may crack or even catch fire, warns ADAC Truck Service. To prevent this, truck drivers should periodically check their tyres and spare wheels for damage and foreign bodies such as nails or stones and check the cold tyre pressure.

Keep your distance 

The German automobile club recommends driving carefully, paying attention to speed limits and keeping a greater distance from the vehicle ahead.

Eat properly

The driver’s well-being is also important for his safety. During the summer, truckers should take light meals, supply their bodies with enough fluids and get a good night’s sleep. However, cold drinks are not recommended as they cause excessive sweating. Truckers should drink 3 litres of water during the day and set the air conditioning to a maximum of about six degrees below the outside temperature, advises ADAC.

The cooling body sprays available in chemist’s can provide relief and immediate refreshment on the road. When unloading, drivers should remember to wear a headgear, preferably in a light colour. 

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