Photo by Lengyel Gabor

Waberer’s first to receive new all-electric DAF in Central and Eastern Europe

Waberer’s has become the first in Central and Eastern Europe to receive a new series-produced, purely electric DAF truck that can cover up to 500 kilometres a day.

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Waberer’s received its brand new, purely electric DAF CF tractor in the middle of the week as the first company not only in Hungary, but also in Central and Eastern Europe.

The CF Electric truck can cover up to 500 kilometres a day due to the quick-charge batteries and its excellent design.

“Waberer’s is honoured to be the first to expand its fleet with DAF Hungary’s electric truck in Central and Eastern Europe, however, there have been several similar examples in the history of the logistics company. So far every major truck company Waberer’s has co-operated with has offered its first alternative-propulsion vehicle to Waberer’s,” says the company’s announcement.

The brand new addition to the fleet can be seen in the photos below:

The alternative-propulsion HGVS referred to in the statement are two LNG-powered Volvo tractors, an all-electric Volvo FL truck capable of a full range of about 240 km at full load, and an electric Renault truck.

At the moment, Waberer’s is operating nearly 2,500 HGVs in its fleet, and the vehicle-renewal program is ongoing. This year, the group will replace 400 lorries in its domestic fleet and 1,300 vehicles in its international transport fleet.

Photos by Lengyel Gabor