This is where Nikola Tre will be manufactured for the European market

This is where Nikola Tre will be manufactured for the European market

The joint venture of Iveco, FPT Industrial and Nikola will produce electric and fuel cell trucks for the European market at Iveco’s headquarters in the German city of Ulm. The first trucks will roll off the assembly lines next year.

Nikola Tre, a truck designed for the European market, was presented in December 2019. Iveco, FPT Industrial and Nikola announced last week that the large electric vehicle would be made in Ulm, which is the home of the IVECO’s chassis engineering hub. The joint venture partners will invest 40 million euros in the modernization of the factory. 

“The decision to build the Nikola TRE in Ulm – a centre of heavy-duty truck engineering excellence – underscores the site’s strategic location at the heart of Germany’s fuel cell technology cluster.”

Baden-Württemberg, the region of Ulm, has already become a leading hub for fuel-cell mobility developments thanks to its skilled workforce and research labs.

Nikola Tre production will start next year

The production of Nikola Tre with electric engine is expected to start in the first quarter of 2021. The fuel cell version in accordance with the Iveco, FPT Industrial and Nikola plans will be assembled from 2023.

The first models will be available in 4 × 2 and 6 × 2 configurations and with batteries up to 720 kWh capacity and an electric system that provides up to 480 kW of continuous output power. Truck Nikola Tre will be part of the Iveco S-Way platform.

Image: Nikola

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