This warehouse is 9 hours faster than the average manual warehouse

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This warehouse is 9 hours faster than the average manual warehouse

The HUB Logistics group has one of the most modern logistics centres in Europe. HAW (Hakkila Automated Warehouse) near Helsinki is an excellent example of process and cost optimisation using state-of-the-art technology. 

The HAW automated warehouse in Hakkila near Helsinki is 9 hours faster than the average manual warehouse. The technologies used in the facility allow for the preparation of the order for delivery within 3 hours, while the accuracy of picking is 99%. According to HUB logistics, HAW can pick up to 3,500 rows a day. In the case of a manual warehouse, this number is up to 250 rows and the picking accuracy is slightly lower, as it amounts to 98.6%.

The 20,000 m2 warehouse uses 46 shuttle robots, 2 picking stations and 5 packing stations. 

HAW is based on a combination of digital solutions – barcode and serial number tracking at every stage of the process, which allow to generate and monitor reports and performance indicators in real-time.

The automated warehouse of HUB Logistics is a solution for industries that require very high accuracy in order fulfillment and the shortest possible time from placing an order to dispatch from the warehouse, i.e. companies offering spare parts for the automotive sector, electronics and telecommunications products, as well as e-commerce customers,” explained Przemysław Piętak, President of HUB Logistics Poland.

With a view to customers from the e-commerce sector, the automatic warehouse of HUB Logistics in Finland has been integrated, based on the solutions of the Polish company Linker, with the largest e-commerce platforms.

Thanks to this, orders placed by end customers in online stores and on our customers’ order platforms are directly delivered to the WMS system, which also shortens the total time of order completion,” said Przemysław Piętak.

But HUB Logistics’ solutions cover not only the warehousing solutions themselves, but the entire supply chain including delivery to end customers through the extensive network of partners in Finland and Poland.

For example, in Finland, HUB Logistics has established a partnership with Pakettipiste to carry out in-night deliveries to our partner’s network of parcel machines throughout the country. Thanks to this solution, in combination with the 3-hour lead time in the HAW automated warehouse, a customer placing an order in an online store or an automotive dealer ordering spare parts can receive their shipment in the morning the next day after placing an order,” explained Piętak.

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