Toll Collect Box software to be updated, new features to be added

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From the end of August, a software update for Toll Collect On-Board Units operating German toll collection system will be available. New features will be available to drivers.

According to the manager of the German Toll Collect system, the new OBU (On-Board Unit) software update will be transmitted to the On-Board Unit via the mobile phone network, so there will be no need to visit a workshop with the vehicle. What to expect?

New features in Toll Collect Boxes

The new software for German Toll Collect Boxes will enable drivers to generate a checkout report and thus end the current drive. Thanks to this, toll amounts will be quickly available on the customer portal in the “Unsettled Drives” tab for further billing, stresses the toll system manager. 

The on-board unit fault messages have also been changed. A short series of beeps will inform the driver that a disturbance occurred during toll collection and the process will be repeated after five minutes. In addition, a red flashing light will also indicate the fault. In such a case, the trucker will have to drive to the nearest parking lot to confirm the error message on the on-board unit by clicking “OK”. 

The light will then be constantly red, but the beeps will not be repeated. Instead, an error code will appear. The toll should then be paid via the application and the service partner should be contacted, explains Toll Collect in a press release.

That’s not all. There will also be a new indication for vehicles with a GVW of less than 7.5 tonnes not subject to German road tolls. When such a vehicle begins its route, the display will show “DE FREE OF CHARGE”. The light will still be green, as the box will be ready to work.

Another new feature is the information on transmission of toll data, which is indicated by the antenna symbol (Ψ). When the symbol disappears, the transmission is complete.

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Photo: TollCollect