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After the extension of tolls to all federal roads in Germany in the middle of this year, it is time for further changes related to the payment of tolls.

Changes in road tolls are the result of the amendments to two important acts, BFStrMG (Law on Charging for Use of Federal Main Roads) and GüKG (Road Transport Act).

Rate increases

Among the changes planned for 2019 in Germany, the most controversial – among German and foreign carriers – are high increases in toll rates. The amount of toll has been established by taking into account the costs of construction, operation and maintenance of the road network.

One of the most important logistics organizations, BGL association, regrets the 60 percent increase in tariffs (in the case of 4-axle trucks meeting the Euro 6 standard).

German toll rates (in euros) from January 1, 2019

Emission standards GVW from 7,5 to 12 tonnes GVW from 12 to 18 tonnes GVW above 18 tonnes with maximum 3 axles   GVW above 18 tonnes, 4 axles and more 
Euro 0/I 0.167 0.202 0.247 0.261
Euro II 0.156 0.191 0.236 0.250
Euro III 0.146 0.181 0.226 0.240
Euro IV 0.114 0.149 0.194 0.208
Euro V/EEV 0.104 0.139 0.184 0.198
Euro VI 0.093 0.128 0.173 0.187

New drivers’ duties

The law, which introduces new toll rates in Germany, also provides for new obligations for drivers. From January 1, 2019, they will have to declare a weight category on the On-Board Unit (OBU).

In addition, for trucks with GVW above 18 tonnes, drivers will need to enter the number of axles. It will be possible also in the case of trucks with lower GVW, but it will not be mandatory.

No weight category setting for vehicles with GVW above 18 tonnes will result in a penalty.

Trucks with an alternative drive excluded from toll

Carriers using trucks with alternative drives can count on the discounts from the new year. Pursuant to paragraph 2 point 1 of the Electromobility Act, electric, hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell trucks are indefinitely exempt from tolls in Germany.

In addition, by the end of 2020, heavy-duty vehicles powered by CNG (compressed natural gas) and LNG (liquified natural gas) are to be exempt from road tolls in Germany. The exemption will also apply to dual-fuel vehicles for natural gas and diesel. After these two years, natural gas-powered trucks would be exempt from a part of toll payment, ie from the environmental fee (for air pollution).



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