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At the beginning of next year, toll rates in Germany will increase. Toll Collect informs about new driver’s obligations related to the collection of fees.

The law, which introduces new toll rates in Germany, also provides for new obligations for drivers. From 1 January 2019, truckers will have to declare a weight category on the OBU. Additionally, in the case of vehicles with a GVW exceeding 18 tonnes, it will be necessary to report the number of axles. It will also be possible with trucks with lower GVW, but German regulations do not provide for such an obligation.

Failure to set the weight category will result in a penalty and recovery of the toll amount accrued.

Toll components

According to the expertise of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, the toll will consist of three components:

– toll component for infrastructure,

– toll component for environmental pollution,

– toll component for noise pollution.

For example, 18-tonne trucks with 4 axles and more will be subject to a fee of 18.7 cents per kilometer (for Euro 6 class) or 19.8 cents per kilometer (for Euro 5 class). Currently, for comparison, rates of 11.7 and 13.5 cents apply, respectively for Euro 6 and Euro 5 class vehicles.

German toll rates (in euros), which will apply from January 1, 2019

Emission category GVW from 7,5t to 12t  GVW from 12t to 18t  GVW above 18t with maximum 3 axles GVW above 18t, with 4 axles and more
Euro 0/I 0.167 0.202 0.247 0.261
Euro II 0.156 0.191 0.236 0.250
Euro III 0.146 0.181 0.226 0.240
Euro IV 0.114 0.149 0.194 0.208
Euro V/EEV 0.104 0.139 0.184 0.198
Euro VI 0.093 0.128 0.173 0.187

Weight categories

From June 1 this year, new weight classes will appear on the OBU toll equipment in Germany:

<7.5 t

≥ 7.5 t – 11.99 t

≥ 12 t – 18 t

> 18 t

Until recently there were only two weight categories: free for heavy goods vehicles with a GVW below 7.5 t and payable for vehicles over 7.5 t.

According to the manager of the German toll system, Toll Collect, the permissible total weight of individual vehicles is added to determine the permissible total weight of a set of vehicles, unlike the Act on the Admission of Persons and Vehicles for Road Traffic. The load of the supports and the load of the trailer are not taken into account.

Photo: Toll Collect


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