Traffic updates: Poland extends border controls; Czechia prolongs state of emergency

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Traffic updates: Poland extends border controls; Czechia prolongs state of emergency

Poland has extended border controls until 13 May, the Czech government has decided to extend the state of emergency.

Controls on the Polish border with Germany, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia have been extended until 13 May. As before, the border can only be crossed at places designated by the government. Border controls carried out by the Border Guard with the support of the police, firefighters and soldiers are also carried out in 4 seaports and 17 airports.

In connection with the above, freight transport (according to road parameters) may take place:

Available border crossing with the Czech Republic

  • Cieszyn – Chotĕbuz, Gorzyczki, Nowe Chałupki, Kudowa Słone, Trzebina, Jakuszyce, Gołkowice, Głuchołazy, Lubawka (although here, as GDDKiA reports, tonnage restrictions apply for vehicles over 9 dmc).

Available border crossing with Germany

  • Jędrzychowice, Olszyna – Forst, Świecko – Frankfurt, Krajnik Dolny – Schwedt, Kołbaskowo – Pomellen, Słubice – Frankfurt (Oder), Kostrzyn nad Odra – Kietz and Zgorzelec.

Available border crossing with Lithuania

Border with Slovakia

  • through the passage: Barwinek, Chyżne.


According to the Polish Border Forces, professional drivers performing international transport of goods crossing the border with Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania are exempted from both border and sanitary control. Truckers carrying out international transport of goods are still not subject to the mandatory 14-day quarantine upon arrival in Poland.

State of emergency in the Czech Republic

The Czech Chamber of Deputies agreed this week to extend the state of emergency in relation to the pandemic until 17 May. Prime Minister Andrej Babisz’s government wanted crisis management regulations to remain in force until 25 May, but opponents of the extension of the state of emergency decided that the Chamber of Deputies could re-gather at any time and reschedule.

Photo: Straż Graniczna / Twitter

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