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What freight rates to pay/offer depending on the current situation? Is the demand for transport on my routes already improving, or should I allocate my resources differently? And if so, where? Thousands of TSL managers around the world are now asking themselves these questions. Precise adjustment of actions to market conditions changing dynamically as never before will determine the state in which companies will emerge from the crisis. That is why the trans.INFO service in cooperation with the Logistics Platform has created the Trans.INFO Metrix tool, which provides real-time data to answer the above questions. Moreover, until the end of June, access to it is absolutely free. 

Most companies are already aware of the need to collect, analyse and use data in making their business decisions. But their own data is not enough – it’s like observing only ourselves. It is essential to have access to information that allows us to compare ourselves with the market environment. This is the data Metrix provides. 

“Information is a key resource in logistics, because access to it enables effective planning and, consequently, proper decision making in the most efficient way, taking into account the expectations of actors in the entire supply chain. Data collection and analysis systems are nowadays increasingly supporting companies allowing them to gain a competitive advantage,” said Grzegorz Lichocik, PhD, President of Dachser in Poland, when asked about factors supporting supply chains during the pandemic. Metrix is an online analysis tool that presents key indicators for the transport and logistics industry. The data is based on the analysis of spot offers from the Logistics Platform. Their monthly number exceeds 400,000 and they have been aggregated and anonymised to give the best and most up-to-date picture of the state of the European transport market. 

Metrix presents the 3 most important indicators for the industry. First of all, you will find here a chart of freight rates (in €), as well as charts of supply and demand for transport. Each of them contains data since the beginning of 2020 (so the current state can be assessed to the state before the epidemic). Because we know how quickly the market situation is changing now, Metrix is updated daily, unlike other tools. The user can narrow down the time frame, select transport routes between most European countries and filter data by type of cargo (FTL/LTL). 

Another interesting feature is the map of demand and supply dynamics. It allows assessing at a glance between what countries the market situation is improving and where the demand or supply dynamics is negative. Data from the last 7 days are compared with the previous 7 days and then visualised using a colour scale on the map of Europe. 

To support the transport and logistics industry at this uncertain time, trans.INFO, together with the Logistics Platform, have decided that till the end of June 2020, access to Metrix will be free of charge. All you need to do is REGISTER ON THE WEBSITE. No payment card number is required and registration does not involve any further obligations. After this period, users will be able to purchase a subscription for access to the service.

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