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From the second half of August, trucks with a permissible total weight exceeding 7.5 tonnes will not be allowed to enter the centre of Cologne.

Cologne is preparing restrictions for driving in and through the city centre and on the right bank of the Rhine. These regulations are to come into force in the second half of August, although the exact date has not yet been published. Transit bans will apply to trucks over 7.5 tons both in the city centre and in parts of Deutz and Mülheim, according to DEKRA. This is one of the measures aimed at implementing the city’s Air Cleanliness Plan. The restriction does not apply to distribution and transport beginning or ending in designated areas.

Prohibited zones on the left bank of the Rhine:

– Innere Kanalstraße – Universitätsstraße- Weißhausstraße – Vorgebirgstor und dem Rheinufer.

Prohibited zones on the right bank of the Rhine:

– Mülheimer Brücke – Bergischer Ring – Pfälzischer Ring – Deutz-Mülheimer Straße – Justinianstraße – Östliche Zubringerstraße – Deutzer Ring und Rheinufer.

We will know the exact date soon.

Preparations are still underway for the creation of transit bans. Signs are set in the city. The city will inform the public soon about the exact date of entry into force of the restrictions.


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