Transport and logistics leaders chose the most promising startup for 2019. Check out who the winner is!

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Transport and logistics leaders chose the most promising startup for 2019. Check out who the winner is!

12 young companies from several European countries that offer cutting edge and innovative services and products for the TSL industry competed yesterday during the HyperLOG conference in the competition for the best logistics startup in 2019. Several hundred participants of the conference for top management from the transport and logistics sector of Central and Eastern Europe chose the winner. 

During the HyperLOG conference, which was attended by top representatives of the transport and logistics sector, the best industry start-up was selected by voting. Each of them presented their idea during the event. Of the twelve companies participating in the competition, was considered the most promising by the conference participants. It is a warehousing platform that allows you to find the closest, safest warehouse in any country of the European Union and easily book it.

The prize was a cheque worth €6,000. The second place, awarded with a cheque worth €4,000, went to Instafreight from Germany. It is a B2B digital forwarding service, which enables fast and effective handling of freight transport. The third prize was given to Goodloading from Poland, which created an application to optimize cargo space. 

Start-ups from all over Europe took part in the competition. In addition to the awarded top three, the following companies participated:

– Shipvio from the Czech Republic, which helps shippers order a truck with just a few clicks. Thanks to the technology used by the company, it is possible to divide the cargo into any number of carriers.

– Quotis from Poland, which simplifies price lists and allows for the quick valuation of the sea, air, rail and road freight.

– Seven Senders from Germany is a parcel delivery platform in Europe that connects shippers with carriers, tracks deliveries in real-time and automates personal communication with the customer.

– Sophy from Austria simplifies communication between logistics companies in Europe. It allows for tracking the current location of transport and connects all participants, translating messages and information into the appropriate native language in real-time.


– Propergate from Poland facilitates just-in-time delivery management for construction sites. With Propergate, the efficiency of internal logistics on high-rise construction sites is increased.

– TNX Logistics from Germany is a platform streamlining the awarding of road transport contracts, which reduces expenses by up to 7%. 

– CO3 from Poland focuses on connecting shippers and carriers in such a way that carriers can easily and safely provide the GPS location of the trucks transporting goods to the shipper.

– Transmetrics from Bulgaria provides cargo companies with a comprehensive predictive planning tool that includes data cleaning, demand forecasting and optimization. 

– Freight Jobs from Poland is a portal with job and cooperation offers dedicated to the transport and logistics industry. It brings together professionals and companies from the TSL industry.

– Synfioo from Germany, a platform that allows you to track the supply chain in intermodal transport in real-time


Photo: Trans.INFO

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