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ZF, a technology company who provide solutions for the automotive industry and took over WABCO this year, has just unveiled its new creations. These include a smart coupling assistant, which not only facilitates the process itself, but also significantly increases safety.

SF claim their new invention is the first such solution on the market. Thanks to an innovative system, trucks automatically drive up to an allocated trailer and engage it. The driver does not have to manoeuvre the tractor at all when coupling to a trailer.

Another innovation unveiled last week by ZF, named Advanced Reversing Assist, is an enhanced reversing assist function for trucks. Both solutions help to reduce the risk of accidents at depots and loading yards, as well as the number of staff and the time needed to carry out such manoeuvres. Another advantage is less stress for workers. Moreover, as the systems enable the reduction of damage caused by manoeuvres, they will also reduce downtime and repair costs.

Photo credit @ ZF


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