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Two of the 16 states in Germany decided not to extend the relaxation of traffic bans for heavy goods vehicles. It is still unclear whether a third state, Bavaria will apply the truck bans this Sunday or not.

Between 30 May and 1 June, the relaxation of traffic bans in four German states was to expire – Bavaria, Berlin, Thuringia and Saxony. According to the latest information made available by the Federal Office for Freight Transport (BAG), Thuringia extended the easing of restrictions until 31 August.

However, two German states, Saxony and Berlin, did not decide to do so, with traffic bans being reintroduced at the beginning of this month (from 1 and 2 June). So if you are planning a route passing through these states – you must take into account that you must stop this Sunday.  

It is still not known whether the restrictions will apply this weekend in a third state, Bavaria. We will keep you updated on all details.

Photo: Trans.INFO


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