Tyrol: 12 block checks in the next 4 weeks

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Tyrol: 12 block checks in the next 4 weeks

The next few weeks will be difficult for lorry drivers who travel through Tyrol. From the end of May to the end of June, there will be 12 block checks in Austria.

Let us remind you that in the coming days, there will be block checks in Kufstein again. Drivers can expect several kilometres of congestion. In the dates given, trucks will be allowed through the border in blocks of 250 vehicles per hour.

The Tyrolean authorities want to limit the harmful impact of lorry transport on the environment and improve the quality of life of the region’s residents.

Block checks usually take place on the days when the Brenner and Inntal highways have the most trucks, that is, after and during public holidays in Germany, Austria and Italy.

Here are the deadlines for block checks in May and June:

– May 27, Monday before  Ascension Day,

– May 28, Tuesday, before Ascension Day,

– May 29, Wednesday before Ascension Day,

– 30 May, Friday after Ascension Day,

– June 6, Thursday before Pentecost,

– June 11, Tuesday after Pentecost,

– June 12, Wednesday after Pentecost,

– June 13, Pentecost Thursday,

– June 17, Monday before Corpus Christi,

– June 18, Tuesday before Corpus Christi,

– June 19, Wednesday before Corpus Christi,

– June 21, Friday after Corpus Christi.

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