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The authorities first announced the abolition of the night speed limit for trucks, meanwhile, more speed controls are carried out. The Tyrolean traffic police summarize the recent activities.

Although in January this year Norbert Hofer, the new Austrian transport minister declared that he wants to abolish the night speed limit for trucks, the Tyrolean traffic police have been intensively inspecting the A12 motorway since summer.

The speed limit for trucks with GVW above 7.5 tonnes is 60 km/h from 10 pm to 5 am.

Transport companies have been complaining about the limit for years. Experts, however, warn about its devastating effects. Although the limit causes less exhaust and noise emissions, it contributes to faster fatigue of the drivers, which increases the risk of accidents.

More controls

According to the Austrian association of international carriers AISÖ, the Tyrolean traffic police conducted increased numbers of night speed controls on A12 between May and July this year. Also in the coming weeks, the officers will focus on drivers who do not respect the night limit on this route.

Photo: Wikimedia/Kleszczu CCA-SA 2.5 Generic


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