Volkswagen plays it safe and examines truck drivers coming to the factory for coronavirus

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The coronavirus continues to spread in Europe. Some European companies are already taking special measures aimed at health protection. This includes the Volkswagen factory in Emden in Lower Saxony.

As Klaus Fröhling, a spokesperson for the plant in Emden, says in an interview for the German TV channel NDR 1 Niedersachsen, the plant wants to lower the risk of contracting the disease for its 9,000 employees. To this end, special measures will be taken. We are talking, among other things, about health checks of truck drivers coming for unloading and loading.

For this reason, in the next few days, two containers will be placed at the entrance to the factory, in which four doctors, paramedics and plant security will take care of the safety and health of employees. Drivers will be checked before the entrance gate. 

If someone is clearly ill and has previously travelled through Italy, he will not be able to enter the factory,” Fröhling declared. 

In such a situation, the semi-trailer with a load is likely to be disconnected and delivered to the factory by other tractors and the health department of the factory will be informed about the incident. Moreover, factory tours are not currently possible. 

Why such a cautious approach in this Volkswagen factory? The latest Arteon Shooting Break model is to be produced in Emden and, as the spokesman explains, every employee in Emden is now needed for production. The factory must, therefore, take care of the health of its staff, as quarantine and sick leave of a large number of employees would create productivity problems.

Photo: Wikimedia/Bin im Garten CCA-SA 3.0