WABCO will equip more than 1,000 trucks of a renowned operator with advanced fleet management systems

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WABCO will equip more than 1,000 trucks of a renowned operator with advanced fleet management systems

The popular provider of truck management solutions will provide the Dutch logistics company with 1,200 TX-SKY onboard computers, which will replace the systems used for 20 years.

WABCO has announced the conclusion of an agreement to provide modern fleet management systems (FMS) to one of the largest European logistics operators – Vos Logistics. In addition to the new system, the Dutch operator also plans to use the WABCO TX-FLEX application to support drivers in their activities outside the cab.

Vos Logistics hopes that the investment in new solutions will allow for more efficient, safer and more eco-friendly operation. 

The decision to purchase the system was made last year. It was motivated by the desire to improve communication between internal and external partners, increase efficiency and provide better customer service. After testing the TX-SKY platform and the TX-FLEX driver’s application on 15 vehicles from five subsidiaries, the company concluded that the solution meets its requirements.

System capabilities

The permanently installed TX-SKY devices are to serve as a secure communication channel, providing drivers with access to navigation functions and planning details, as well as information about remaining driving time, rest periods and driving style,” the company’s announcement reads.

The drivers of the Dutch operator, in addition to permanently installed onboard computers, will have at their disposal the mobile application TX-FLEX. It allows the recording of activities carried out outside the cabin, such as scanning bar codes and signed documents, sending photos, adding comments from customers or information about pallets, as well as reporting problems. Data from the TX-FLEX is synchronized with the TX-SKY computer via Bluetooth.

Additionally, TX-FLEX allows for the completion of all documents in the customer’s location and their direct transfer to the database. This shortens the lead time of many processes, from product delivery to invoicing.

Photo: Wabco

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