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The European logistics provider Waberer’s recorded a good first quarter of 2018. The profits of the Hungarian company remained at the hitherto level, despite the increase in rates.

The Hungarian logistics giant recently published a financial report summarizing the first quarter of 2018. According to the document, EBITDA profit (so-called operating profit, i.e. before interest, amortization and pre-tax deductions) remained at the same level as last year (+0, 2 percent), and the company’s revenues increased by as much as 15 percent.

Although the company recorded a 4-percent drop in profits in international transport, the president of Waberer’s Ferenc Lajkó explains that it is due, among other reasons, to low season. It is also the effect of the „overestimation strategy,” i.e. raising freight rates that the company consciously implements. In the long-term is expected to bring even higher profits.

„The first three months of 2018 brought great results in terms of the Group’s revenues,” concludes Lajkó in the report. Waberer’s boss seems not to worry about the drop in profit in the international segment.

Our continuous initiatives will help ease the tendency. We implement several long-term projects that aim to increase profits and efficiency. These include the continuation of our efforts to consolidate the market and further use of data collected through our systems, which lead to additional savings in key costs, such as fuel” – says the president of Waberer’s.

Photo: Waberer’s


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