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Recent days have been stacked full of new truck premieres. Scania have presented two models, a hybrid and an electric one, and Daimler have also revealed their vision for zero-emission transport with its GenH2 fuel-cell concept truck. We now have another titbit – a vision of what a truck from Audi could look like.

Some manufacturers specialise in trucks, others focus on passenger cars. However, truck lovers sometimes like to fantasise and dream about their visions of a truck from a brand that does not have much to do with HGV production.

This is the case with Audi, a manufacturer that quite often inspires designers.

Frenchman Elie Villain has created his visualisation of what an Audi truck could look like. Of course, this is a completely out-of-the-box concept that is not commissioned by Audi. The designer simply presented his idea for the truck.

What may be interesting for heavy transport fans, however, is that in creating this design, the author used three-dimensional technical drawings of the Scania R620 V8 6×4 chassis.

Images by Elie Villain


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