It turns out that ‘stowaways’ are always a problem for the United States. The local border guards caught two illegal immigrants who were hiding in a narrow superstructure above the cabin. They got caught because the officers decided to scan the truck.

This unusual event occurred at the checkpoint at Interstate Highway 35 in Laredo, Texas. The border guards who operate this crossing controlled a seemingly ordinary truck. The driver told them that he was a Mexican citizen who was legally residing in the United States. Afterwards, the officers proceeded to inspect the vehicle. For this purpose, they used “non-invasive technology” involving X-rays and gamma rays. Thanks to this, they could easily see what was hidden in the truck. And as it turned out – a lot was hidden.


In the truck, in the superstructure above the driver’s cab, suspicious “shapes” could be seen. After a more thorough inspection, the border guards discovered that two people were hiding there. They were Mexican citizens who tried to enter the United States illegally.

Unfortunately, the comment published by the border guard does not specify whether the driver and two immigrants were in collusion. It is not known whether the trucker collaborated with ‘stowaways’ or rather fell victim to them. It is known, however, that the consequences were borne by all three of them – they were arrested.



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