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Immigrants trying to get from Europe to the UK are becoming more and more bold. The British haulier, Whites Transport Services reports that about 500 km from Calais, in the parking lot on the A5 motorway in France, the intruders tried to break into the refrigerated semi-trailer through the roof.

Whites Transport Services described this incident on its facebook profile. The doors were locked so the immigrants decided to cut a hole in the roof of the refrigerated semi-trailer. This time their efforts ended in a fiasco because the roof was insulated. In addition rails and meat hooks prevented them from cutting into the trailer. This effectively prevented the immigrants from entering, although they managed to pick out part of the insulation layer.

The carrier admits that it was the third such accident in a week and warns other companies and drivers against the new threat.

Check the roofs of trailers” appeals the carrier and adds that for British hauliers, transport in Europe seems to be over.

Interestingly, the incident occurred in the Champ A La Croix parking lot located in the south-east of France. It is closer to the border with Switzerland than to the English Channel coast.

Post of the British company has caused reactions of Internet users. One of them wrote that in the area where he lives, near Auxerre, by the junction on the A6 motorway there is a „hotspot” where many immigrants from Calais were relocated.

It is at most 5 minutes on foot – that’s why I would not recommend parking near this intersection. Many of these migrants were brought here from the Calais region,” warns the internet user.

Others advise a British company to remove signs and names from its trailers to identify its location in the UK.

I would register them even on Dutch or Belgian license plates, which I would say could reduce the number of such damage to a minimum,” advises one of the drivers.

He also notices that large inscriptions on trailers, referring to transport between Great Britain and the EU, are an incentive for refugees.

Illegal immigrants caught on average every 10 minutes

The problem of people trying to get illegally to the UK is not decreasing. According to the estimates of the British Interior Ministry, last year immigrants trying to cross the UK were caught on average every 10 minutes – said.

Therefore, it is also important for carriers to legally protect themselves against the consequences of detecting such „stowaways” in a truck. British border guards can punish both the driver and the owner of the vehicle in which he will detect immigrants. The fine amounts to 2 thousand pounds for each detected refugee. If you do not pay the penalty, border guards can stop the vehicle and even sell it to secure money to cover the penalty.

A solution that can help to avoid punishment is the Border Force Accreditation. To obtain such a certificate, special procedures must be implemented to protect the intrusion of illegal immigrants. Based on the Border Force guidelines, rules of conduct should be established and measures should be taken to limit the access of unauthorized persons. An additional necessity is to train employees on the procedures used. The company’s task is to demonstrate the effectiveness and continuity in the application of security measures.

Photo: Facebook/Whites Transport Services



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