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If someone wearing bright yellow overalls with reflectors is trying to take you under control on the North Rhine-Westphalia motorways – do not think that they are road workers. Highway police officers of the region now also wear bright yellow clothes.

Most people who are traveling in North Rhine-Westphalia are not aware of how hard it is to work on a motorway. Therefore, we must make this task as safe as possible, „said Herbert Reul, Land’s Interior Minister.

1.3 thousand officers of the Rhine Highway Police will receive new outfits made of reflective material. Thanks to them, the police will be more visible even at night or in bad weather. 

Behind the idea for new outfits is the Chief of Police in Cologne, who pointed out that road maintenance workers are far more visible than highway police officers. 

Given the frenzied traffic, tenths of a second are crucial here. Any suggestion for more security is most welcome. The example of the new overalls shows how suggestions from the grassroots and from practice are implemented. That’s exactly what I wish for – „said Reul, quoted on the North Rhine-Westphalia police website.

Photo: IM NRW / Jochen Tack


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