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French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced that the government will suspend the fuel tax increase. It is a reaction to the crisis caused by the protest of the „yellow vests”.

The protests hit the largest French cities causing significant damage over the last three weekends. Three people have been killed since the beginning of the riots and several dozens have been wounded. French carriers estimate losses of 400 million euros. According to experts, the strike of „yellow vests” can cost the French economy even billions of euros.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe sought a compromise, but the demonstrators cancelled the talks. Therefore, the Prime Minister announced that he would announce a moratorium on an increase in the fuel tax.

Demonstrations began on November 17, after the government announced the fuel tax increase. Thousands protested on the streets across France, blocking roads, industrial zones and fuel depots. At the border crossing points, traffic jams formed.

Photo: Twitter/Chanteloube


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