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Polish forwarding company Adar, which became famous a year ago for the production of The toughest business in the world, created a shocking movie entitled „Hejt.” It refers to the wave of criticism of truck drivers associated with Polish police control action.

The new movie uses authentic statements about truck drivers and their families by random people who know very little about the life on the road.

You become a lorry driver if you cannot do anything else in your life”, „does anyone in their right mind becomes a driver?” ask the chcaracters quoted in the movie.

The creators of the production focus on the bad image and lack of respect that affects truckers on a daily basis. In Poland, it has recently intensified due to the recent control action organized by Polish police.

Adar shows that working in the transport industry is very demanding and not everyone would be able to cope with it. Waking up in the middle of the night, separation from family, disrespect and bad driver image are some of the main issues raised by the creators of the movie.

Photo: YouTube


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