Photo credits @ Fédération Wallonne de l'Agriculture - FWA /Facebook

Huge farmers’ protest in Brussels today, 300 tractors are expected

The third farmers' protest of the year will take place in Brussels today. Expect traffic difficulties throughout the region around the Belgian capital.

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Traffic congestion is expected in the Brussels region from the early hours of this morning due to a farmers’ demonstration, police in Brussels have warned. Congestion due to roadblocks and farmers’ marches could continue into the evening.

“Attention: tractors are driving on motorways towards Brussels. This leads to extremely dangerous traffic situations. We appeal to tractor drivers to obey the traffic rules and advise everyone to be extra careful,” – warns the Belgian police on X (formerly Twitter).

Throughout the day from 6 am, the rue de la Loi (between Schuman and the R20), the Reyers tunnel from the E40 towards the centre, and the Cinquantenaire tunnel towards Loi, will be closed to traffic.

This is the third demonstration of Belgian farmers in Brussels since the beginning of the year, following the actions of 1 and 26 February. Today’s will be attended by, among others, the Federation of Young Farmers (FJA) and the Walloon Federation of Agriculture (Fwa), who are expected to turn up with 300 tractors in the Belgian capital.