Swedish training scheme helping high-school graduates land jobs as lorry drivers

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Figures published on this week show that Sweden’s transport training program is helping to train a new generation of lorry drivers and land them jobs.

According to TYA’s School Leader Report, the number of students graduating is 85.5%, with 77% of those taking part in the scheme netting a job almost immediately.

Micaela Roslund, project manager at Transportfackens Vocational and Work Environment Committee (TYA), said the figures were very encouraging:

These extremely strong figures are a very gratifying development in an industry where the demand for labour remains high. An important reason is the fantastic work many high schools do with teachers who get involved in each individual so that they can cope with a tough education and get the driving licenses they need.

The number of women taking part in the scheme has increased too, from 15% in year one to 27% in year two and 40% in year three. Roslund also sees this as a positive development:

It is positive that more girls are attracted to the industry. It increases diversity and is a great advantage for employers who can now recruit from a much larger group. It is needed in an industry that searches with light and lantern for labour.

Moreover, the scheme is growing in popularity overall having increased by 14% in 2020, and the TYA are keen to expand it further to be able to accomodate yet more trainees.

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