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Benelux companies increasingly opting for delivery-duty-paid service to simplify UK exports, reports Europa Road

UK-based road freight company Europa Road has reported a significant rise in demand for its "Europa Flow" service, a solution designed to streamline post-Brexit customs processes for businesses exporting from Belgium and the Netherlands to the UK.

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Launching in 2021, Europa Flow utilises DDP incoterms, meaning Europa Road takes care of all customs duties and paperwork, significantly reducing complexity for exporters. This is particularly attractive to mid-sized companies that do not have the resources to set up their own customs departments in the UK.

Europa Road says it has seen steady growth in Europa Flow usage, with February recording their highest figures to date. 

The use of Europa Flow is growing steadily month on month, said Jack Baxter, Regional Sales Manager for Benelux. This provides us with clear evidence that Europa Flow is exactly what the Benelux market needs.

Before Brexit, trade between the EU and the UK saw a significant decline, with Belgium’s exports to the UK falling by 13% between 2018 and 2021. Europa Road believes Europa Flow is helping to reverse this trend.

We still come across several businesses that have stopped trading with the UK because of the customs challenge, Baxter continued. But now we can offer a tangible, proven solution which is being used across a broad range of industries.

Europa Road, formerly known as Continental Cargo Carriers, has expanded its operations in recent years, establishing a Dutch office in Rotterdam in February 2023 to complement its base in Oostende, Belgium.