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Eco badges in Madrid. Here are the rules for foreign vehicles.

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From April 24th, you can only enter the Spanish capital with the eco badge. Until the date of introduction of the labels, it was not known whether foreign vehicles would also be covered by this requirement. The city has finally published a piece of information that dispels any doubts.

The new solution caused a lot of confusion not only among foreign shipping and tourism companies but also among Spanish ones. An avalanche of questions about the badge paralyzed DGT’s telephone information system.

On the day the new obligation entered into force, it was still unclear whether it also applied to foreign vehicles. According to the information made available yesterday on the official website of the city, vehicles registered outside Spain whose registration numbers are not on the DGT (General Directorate for Road Traffic) register do not have to apply for the eco badge or stick it on the windscreen in order to enter the capital city.

Older vehicles registered in Spain after the introduction of the badge have no access to Madrid because they do not qualify for any of the labels (the types of badges can be found in our material on the subject). Moving around the capital without proper labelling is subject to a fine of 90 euros.

Photo: Pixabay