2-9 hours long traffic jam at German-Polish borders

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2-9 hours long traffic jam at German-Polish borders

Due to the very large number of people travelling to Poland from Germany, travel time at the Polish-German border is very long, at some crossings drivers have to wait for 2-9 hours.

The waiting times on May 21 2020 at 10:45 am was as follows:

  • Kostrzyn nad Odrą – 1 hour,
  • Olszyna – 5 hours,
  • Świecko – 3 hours,
  • Słubice – 2 hours,
  • Gubin – about 45 min,
  • Zgorzelec – 9 hours,
  • Jędrzychowice 9 hours.

The reason for the long queues is that obligatory quarantine for people entering Poland from abroad has been lifted and as there is a public holiday today in Germany, many Polish decided to visit their home country after a long time. 

A similarly long queue is to be expected on Sunday when these people are going to return to Germany.

Photo: Twitter

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