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From next year, the Belgian tolls will be in force also on some of the local roads in Flanders. The Belgian government made that decision based on the traffic tests, Belgian newspapers state. See a map of the sections where the toll will soon be in force.

On 1 January 2018, some of the local roads in Flanders will become subject to road tolls for trucks. The government wants to fight this way with bypassing the main roads where tolls are levied on trucks of more than 3.5 t.

That decision was made by the Belgian government after careful examination of traffic on 451 sections, says the De Standaard newspaper. The results were compared with the analysis conducted before the implementation of the toll in Belgium.

On 73 sections—i.e. about one-sixth of the analysed routes—a „significant increase in truck traffic” was observed. It cannot be explained by the usual factors and must be related to the implementation of the road toll, says De Standaard.

For now, the tolls will be extended only to the following 6 sections of local roads in Flanders:

N14 – from the intersection with R16 to the intersection with E34

N35 – Deinze – Tielt

N35 – Pittem (from the intersection with N50) to the intersection with N330

N42 – from the intersection with N8 to the Walloon border

N43 – from the intersection with R8 to the intersection with R4

N73 – Heppen – Kinrooi (to the intersection with N762)



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