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ACEA, the European Truck Manufacturers’ Organisation, spoke on the new CO2 emission limits for trucks. It wants to see the introduction of mega trucks in the EU Member States.

The stringent CO2 limits for trucks recently approved in Brussels have created a huge challenge for manufacturers. In light of the new standards, the ACEA association proposes that 32-metre-long road trains be put into service throughout the EU. The so-called High Capacity Vehicles would then offer a maximum payload of up to 200 m3. For comparison, 25.25-metre-long trucks, which have been licensed in some EU countries, can carry about 150 m³.

According to the organisation, experience in these countries (Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands and some federal states in Germany) has shown that extended vehicles are more efficient and economical than regular trucks. For example, two 25.25 m long road trains can now replace three conventional road tractors. On the other hand, three 32-metre-long road trains would carry the same transport as six regular trucks with significantly lower emissions.

ACEA also highlights other advantages of using mega trucks, which can alleviate the shortage of staff in the transport industry and increase the competitiveness of companies by reducing transport costs.

Photo: Wikipedia/Teppo Lainio CC BY-SA 2.0


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