4 rest areas closed near Dunkirk to prevent migrants getting on trucks

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4 rest areas closed near Dunkirk to prevent migrants getting on trucks

Four motorway rest areas on the A16 near Dunkirk have been closed for 6 months in order to prevent migrants getting onboard trucks bound for the UK.

According to France Bleu, the rest stops at Beau Marais, Saint Georges sur l’Aa, Téteghem-Nord and Moëres have all been shut down for half a year.

The decision was taken by the regional authorities in France’s Prefecture of the North on the basis it would prevent migrants from boarding trucks headed for the UK.

The decree specifies “that it is essential to regulate the movement on the rest areas (concerned) in particular because of the migratory pressure”.

Back in April, the Saint-Laurent and Grande-Synthe lorry parks were closed for 2 months for the same reason.

Although the decision to close the rest areas may well alleviate “migratory pressure”, it won’t exactly make life any easier for lorry drivers working in France.

The tragic killing of a driver in a lorry park back in May, as well as the violent attack on several trucks near Calais in the same month, have highlighted the need for truckers to be better protected by the authorities in the country.

In light of these incidents, lorry drivers have been invited to speak about the issue at the European Parliament. However, given the severity of the situation, it’s actions rather than discussions that truckers will be looking for.

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