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Marius can’t ride a bike, but is doing excellent job behind the truck wheel. He was 4 years old when he first sat behind the wheel.

Marius is a boy from France, whose greatest passion is driving the truck. Behind the 33-tonne truck the boy feels like a fish in water, although he is only 9 years old.

His talent for driving various types of motor vehicles was revealed when Marius turned 4. That was the first time he sat behind the truck wheel, thanks to his father, who is a professional driver, and older brother.

The greatest passion of the 9-year-old – trucks

When he does not practice manoeuvring of a 33-tonne vehicle on the car park by the transport company of his dad, he follows the news and events on numerous groups and pages of trucks enthusiasts. He actively participates in the discussions on trucks. 9-year-old Marius takes his passion very seriously.

His biggest dream is to reach an appropriate age and get permission to drive a truck, to be able to hit the road and find fulfilment behind the wheel.



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