A Belarussian driver is to face a fine of 32,000 euros. He regularly drove for 16 hours or more.

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The Lithuanian carrier will get an even higher penalty. It is not profitable to break the rules of work and rest times.

Last Tuesday, a police patrol from Hersfeld-Rotenburg in eastern Hesse spotted a Lithuanian truck near Kirchheim that aroused suspicion of officers. On the tarpaulin in the semi-trailer, visible unevenness could be seen, which could indicate a poorly secured load. The officers stopped the vehicle for inspection. 

Suspicions of police officers were confirmed, but this was only the beginning of the troubles for a 28-year-old driver from Belarus. Cargo, i.e. cardboard boxes on pallets, were not strapped before starting the route. This failure, however, the driver could quickly fix. During the inspection, Hesse officers decided to check the tachograph readings, which, as it turned out, plunged the driver and his employer into serious trouble. 

The 28-year-old has repeatedly violated the rules regarding working and rest times as well as daily breaks. Several times he happened to drive 16 hours and longer without any break – reports the Police Headquarters of Osthessen. 

A surprisingly high fine 

Even police officers were surprised when the police computer calculated the amount of the fine based on the offences committed – we read in a police statement. Concerning the 28-year-old truck driver, proceedings were started regarding acts punishable by a fine of over 32 thousand euros.

The carrier from Lithuania will receive even more severe punishment, according to the police. The police have provided relevant information to the Federal Office of Freight Transport (BAG), which will impose and enforce a fine from both the driver and his employer.

Photo: Polizei Bayern