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Austria, which holds the presidency of the European Union from July 1, will seek to overcome the differences between the countries of the Community on the Mobility Package. After the vote in the European Parliament, the compromise proposals concerning the posting of drivers in international transport have been withdrawn to the Transport Committee.

MEPs did not agree on the issues of drivers’ work and rest time, cabotage and covering transport by delegation rules. This third point in practice is to make sure that carriers get a minimum wage that applies in a given country in which the driver performs work.

Finding a balance in this matter between the countries of the Road Alliance and the Visegrad Group countries will not be easy. The question is, to what extent the law should remain liberal, and this question requires a wise response – said Norbert Hofer, the Austrian Minister for Transport (pictured) in Vienna at the meeting with the EU correspondents for the Polish Press Agency.

– The Visegrad countries want to use low prices in markets in countries where labor costs are quite high, where there are many social security requirements. We will have to find a compromise” – added Hofer.

The Austrian minister announced that he would want to conduct a number of individual talks and then, in smaller groups, see if it is possible to negotiate an agreement.

There is no agreement in the EU Council

At the same time, work on their position is being worked on by the Member States. There is, however, a serious discrepancy in the EU Council in this matter. Not all countries like the projects presented by the European Commission. The divisions, however, do not follow the straight east-west line of the Community. Spain, for example, is opposed to the application of posting rules for drivers.

The Austrian presidency aims to develop the position of EU countries within the next six months.

During our presidency, we will be moving towards solutions that everyone will be able to live with” – said Norbert Hofer.

The meeting of ministers responsible for transport is scheduled for December. Earlier, in September an informal meeting of the EU Council will take place, at which the matter is also to be discussed. The Austrians have several months to work out a compromise.

However, the Austrian diplomats, who reserve their anonymity, admit that it will be a very difficult task.

It is a very complicated topic in which there are many emotions. The positions of the Member States have not changed for months” – one of the government representatives in Vienna said for the Polish Press Agency.

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