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The Tyroleans are trying to limit the truck traffic through the Brenner Pass. Block checks and sectoral traffic bans proved to be only a prelude to more serious restrictions.

The Tyrolean Landtag (parliament) approved the so-called Anti-Transit Package, which is to enter into force on 1 August 2019 – informs the Austrian portal The package provides a number of solutions aimed primarily at improving the air quality, safety and health of Brenner residents, as well as relieving the road infrastructure. According to forecasts, a total of 2.5 million trucks will pass through Brenner this year. According to the Austrians, it is way too much.

The Tyrolean government has been trying to fight excessive truck traffic in the region for years (sectoral traffic ban, block checks) and transfer some of the transport to the rails. It is not different this time.

Anti-Transit Package

As announced by Ingrid Felipe, deputy governor of Tyrol, the sectoral ban on truck traffic will be extended to include further groups of goods that can be successfully transported by rail (details are not yet known).

At the same time, on August 1 next year, special permits will be removed which apply to vehicles that meet the EURO 6 emission standard. Additionally, the package provides for a general traffic ban for EURO 4 trucks.

EURO 5 trucks will not be able to pass through Tyrol from 2021. That’s when night traffic ban for EURO 6 trucks will start to apply as well.

As reported by, the Anti-Transit Austria package must be discussed with the European Commission. Until now, however, the Tyroleans, contrary to the recommendations of Brussels, use block checks at the border crossing in Neu Kufstein. As a result, long traffic jams form, which cause financial losses to carriers.

Toll from Bavaria to Italy

Tyrolean authorities are discussing the traffic bans with the European Commission. However, they are also aiming to strengthen regional cooperation to counter the problem of truck traffic in the region. The next step is to create a single toll that would apply on the road from Bavaria in Germany to Verona in Italy.

Together with the neighboring regions, we focus on cooperation, or at least on tolerance,” says Ingrid Felipe.

The Tyroleans are ready for the toll corridor from Munich to Verona and higher prices, just to better manage traffic.

Roads are too cheap,” adds Felipe.

Therefore, the agreement of Bavaria and Italy to raise toll rates to the level applicable in Tyrol is crucial.

Photo: Wikimedia/Kleszczu CCA-SA 2.5 Generic


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