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Authorities in the Scandinavian states of Denmark and Sweden have revealed the results of cabotage investigations in their respective countries. Sweden released their 2019 figures, while the Danish authorities published news of their latest checks.

In 2019, 231 cases of illegal cabotage were detected in Sweden. This year, a new record is reportedly expected.

96% of those who were caught in Sweden paid their penalties in 2019, however 10 road transport companies failed to do so. In total, the cabotage fines brought in a total of SEK 8,840,000 (around 864,000 euros). These figures follow the Swedish police’s SEK 2.6 million investment in the training of traffic police in order to catch those breaking the cabotage regulations.

Meanwhile, checks conducted in Denmark earlier this week have led to 14 road transport companies being charged with cabotage violations. Two of those companies were registered in Denmark, with the remaining 12 coming from abroad.

The police checks also found breaches of driving and rest time regulations, tachograph manipulations, as well as errors and deficiencies including unpaid or incorrectly paid road tolls.


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