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The company provides transport services in one of the American states by means of a special Uber Freight application and its own fleet of self-propelled trucks, according to The Verge.

Uber took the next step to achieve its goal and dominate the transport market. The company began to provide logistics services in Arizona. Autonomous trucks without driver interference move on the local highways. The trucker takes control of the vehicle only at the end of the route – reports The Verge.

Autonomous trucks will not put jobs at risk

According to Uber, the use of self-propelled trucks will not reduce the number of jobs, and in the short term, it can even increase it. Trucks will not be advanced enough for a long time to be able to reach the loading ramp in transfer centers without the help of the driver. For security reasons, the intervention of a trucker who oversees the entire route is required. In addition, employees who handle logistics at the destination of the load will still be needed.

Tests are shrouded in mystery

Uber did not inform officially how many trucks it currently operates or what goods it transports as part of its tests. It also does not provide details on sections covered by autonomous trucks or the number of routes completed. The company, however, reveals a part of the mystery about the project in a short video:

Uber may need support

Uber’s offer for trucking has continued to face serious obstacles, reports the Verge. They are associated with considerable costs resulting from owning and managing a fleet of vehicles, not to mention equipping each truck with an expensive set of cameras and sensors. The company will probably have to start cooperation with fleet operators, who will look for savings for the novice in the world of trucks.



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