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Truckers moving around Germany soon will no longer be stopped by BAG controllers with traffic lollipops. Now the officers will use a special board with LED technology to informed drivers that they have to turn aside.

The Federal Commodity Transport Office will no longer use „lollipops” to make the drivers turn aside for inspection. They will now be stopped thanks to special boards, which will display the information „Control/Kontrolle.” Make sure you don’t ignore the new signpost when you see it.


Source: BAG

Every driver of a vehicle over 3.5 tonnes is obliged to turn in the indicated direction. Failure to comply with the mark is an offense and is punished with a fine of 300 euro.

BAG will test the new solution

The new technology takes into account the growing traffic and aims to increase the safety of both officials and other road participants.

New signposts are in a testing phase for now. LED boards will be installed in the middle of this year in:

– Allenstein, towards Dortmund (A2);

– Ellerbrook, towards Hamburg (A1);

– Schieferberg – Berliner Ring, towards Frankfurt / Oder (A10);

– Sophienberg, towards Nuremberg (A9);

– Theißtal, in the direction of Frankfurt am Main (A3).

After a two-year piloting, implementation of the solution is planned throughout the country.

Photo: BAG



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