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Germany has introduced another facilitation to ensure continuity of the supply chain. The Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG) will refrain from penalising drivers whose qualifications are no longer valid. We have official confirmation. 

In order to facilitate the work of carriers and drivers, BAG is temporarily waiving the sanctioning of the lack of driving licences confirmed by code ‘95’. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, drivers are unable to undergo training and renew their licences, hence the departure proposed by the German authorities.

As BAG informed the trans.INFO editorial team, the derogation applies to both German and foreign truck drivers

The European Commission considers that, in the current situation of cross-border traffic, penalties for drivers may be waived if they are unable to complete the required vocational training due to the pandemic. However, this does not apply to the lack of basic qualifications, BAG reports. 

Regarding the expiry of the limited driving licence in classes C and D, the federal states in Germany agreed to a parallel procedure. 

However, BAG stresses that obtaining a provisional entry of code ‘95’ or a provisional renewal of a driving licence, as well as the non-enforcement of penalties for infringements in this respect, does not exempt drivers from the fundamental obligation to comply with the requirements when the pandemic is over.


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