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A Belarusian truck driver will answer in court for killing two men in an accident that occurred at the beginning of February on the S8 expressway in Poland. Families of the deceased refused to punish the trucker without conducting a court trial.

The accident in question took place on the Białystok – Warsaw route near Jeżewa (Greater Poland Voivodeship). The passenger driver cut the Mercedes delivery truck off. Both vehicles stopped on the right lane of the expressway. There was a sharp exchange between the drivers, which turned into a fight. A moment later, a Belarusian truck driver drove in on the road. As a result of a collision with a truck, both men died on the spot.

As the truck driver reports, he noticed the beating men at the last minute. It was too late to brake. There was no chance to avoid a collision. According to the police, the Belarussian was sober and rode according to the rules. He pleaded guilty. The District Prosecutor’s Office in Zambrów applied to the court for the conviction of a Belarusian prisoner for a suspended sentence of imprisonment and a fine.



Now, after a few months, the families of the deceased are seeking justice. As the Polish Press Agency informed, they want the driver to stand a trial. They did not agree to the verdict without a court hearing. The Prosecutor’s Office also filed for compensation to the family.

Editor’s comment:

Focus and attention above all

 A moment of inattention, a second glance, or a simple look at the radio can cost the driver a lot. Therefore, we appeal for prudence and constant vigilance while driving, because when moving on the road, we do not only answer for ourselves, but also for other participants.


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