Photo credits @ Bartosz Wawryszuk

Belgian H.Essers acquires French temperature-controlled TFMO

Belgian transport group H.Essers has announced the acquisition of Transports Frigorifiques des Monts d'Or (TFMO), effective June 1, 2024.

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Headquartered in Lissieu, France, TFMO specialises in temperature-controlled transport and has 190 employees, including 170 drivers and a fleet of 150 vehicles. Founded in 1962, the company initially focused on milk transport before moving on to its current specialisation. Under the leadership of Franck Guerpillon, who took over in 2007, TFMO has seen significant growth in the pharmaceutical transport sector, which now accounts for almost 30% of its activity. This particular segment is said to be one of the main reasons for H.Essers’ interest in the acquisition.

The acquisition agreement excludes EFMO Logistique, a separate entity owned by Guerpillon that manages over 50,000 square meters of warehousing space. Guerpillon is expected to retain leadership of TFMO following the acquisition.

The move follows H.Essers’ acquisition of Italian transport company Romano Trasporti in October 2023, a strategic move to further strengthen its healthcare logistics presence across Europe.

H.Essers, a family-owned transport group established in 1928, boasts a turnover exceeding €1 billion and employs nearly 8,000 individuals across 18 countries.