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Brussels warns Denmark about parking restrictions. The EU finally fights for the rights of drivers and carriers

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The European Commission wants Denmark to lift the 25-hour limit on truck parking lots. If the Danish government does not comply or provide adequate clarification, the case will be referred to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU).

The Danish parking time limit has been in force since 1 July 2018 at all 90 infrastructure facilities within the Danish motorway network. For almost 2 years, truck drivers have been unable to park there for more than 25 hours. In practice, this means that there is no possibility to take a 45-hour rest in Denmark. The Danish government, despite criticism from the domestic transport industry, introduced the new rules to put an end to ‘nomadism’ on the roads in the country.

The EU authorities do not like the restriction either. This is the second time the European Commission has called on Denmark to abolish the rule. 

According to a European Commission communication of 15 May 2020, the Danish measure restricts the freedom to provide services as guaranteed by EU road transport legislation (Regulation (EC) No 1072/2009), as it creates barriers to foreign hauliers carrying out international operations. Since these hauliers do not have an operating centre in Denmark, they need parking space to carry out their activities and to comply with the EU obligations on driving and rest times. 

The Commission considers that the Danish rule is not appropriate, necessary or proportionate to the objectives. Denmark now has four months to reply. Otherwise, the Commission may decide to bring the matter before the Court of Justice of the EU.