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Bosch unveiled a new system that allows for monitoring the environment around the forklift truck. The system, consisting of a control unit and four compact close-range cameras, can significantly improve the work and safety of operators.

Using the visual assistant function, the multi-camera system gives the operator a full 360-degree view around the forklift truck, even with bulky goods (an area of up to eight by eight meters can be viewed).


The driver sees a realistic 3D model of his own vehicle on a display. As the vehicle moves, the environment is adapted in real time. The content of the screen pages between individual views and 360° panoramic view as well as the division into full screen and split screen pages can be preconfigured. The driver then has the option of selecting the view suitable for the respective task from the preselection.

With the multi-camera system, the lane can be faded in from the front, rear or top view. For this purpose, the control unit records the steering angle, calculates the resulting lane and displays it on the display. The lane display serves primarily as a manoeuvring and threading aid.

The system has been designed to make working in confined spaces easier. The solution proposed by Bosch helps to manoeuvre the vehicle more precisely and to assess the distance while driving more accurately.




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